Walking is a Contact Sport



  • - PulseFlow insoles feature one of the most advanced, shock-absorbing and impact-protecting materials - D3O®.
  • - D3O® Shock-Absorbing Technology is trusted by Elite Military Forces and Athletes, and Industrial Workers around the globe who take risks, challenge their limits, and demand protective solutions that are lightweight, long-lasting and most of all keep them safe.

Comfort and protection

  • - D3O® energy-absorbing polymer blends are engineered for long-lasting comfort and protection using a combination of advanced chemistry and cutting-edge design.
  • - PulseFlow products are engineered to combat the daily destructive forces that feet are subjected to and provide a protective barrier against potential wear-and-tear.

Reduces pressure by up to 70%

Reduces transmitted forces    |    Lasts 14x longer than other insole materials



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Customer Testimonials

I replaced the original insoles in my Colombia winther boots, and the comfort and relief was amazing. Truly worthwhile the little time and low investment!
Karl O. Steen
After several injuries and years of wear and tear of both feet and legs I have finally found the perfect insole. PulseFlow offer great support for my feet.
Pieter E. Hullemann
Skater & Snowboarder
Testat Aresta fotsulor i fjällmiljö i år. Med mina 45 år och lite skavanker i fötter och rygg var jag trött i kroppen, nöjd i sinnet men utvilad i fötterna efter en dags vandring i karga miljön. Dagen efter använde jag mina vanliga sulor (Lundhags) under vandring men ångrade djupt.

Rekommenderas varmt!
Vesna Lukic
Diabetessköterska/Ledare i Friluftsfrämjandet

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About us

PulseFlow™ suite of products merges the medical discipline of Podiatry with technological advancements in material science and mechanical engineering. 

Our offer

  • Protect the feet from destructive daily forces,
  • Heal complications that would benefit from increased oxygenated blood flow to the lower extermities, and
  • Prevent the recurrence of damage.
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